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-Upon a Lifetime of Encounters

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Someone’s not getting a handshake after the Winter Cup.



chap 136 the long awaited hidekane angst weeps

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There’s 40 seconds left.

I wasn’t asking for a kiss (would’ve liked it) or a hug (this too). Was it that hard to make them talk or at least snarl at each other.

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 Genre: University AU, Domestic living, Slice of Life, Friendship, Romance,

Pairing: Akakuro/Kuroaka, GOM-centric


Shibuya is the world’s busiest crosswalk. It’s also the best place to pass others by. How many people do you pass per day when you walk across, only to either never see them or pass them again? This never-ending fate of relationships, being broken the second they are made.

Akashi Seijuurou relishes this.

Kuroko Tetsuya does not.

A story of two very different yet similar people, living under the same roof.

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Anonymous inquired: please please could you draw more shuuneki/ trashbag shuu i love your art so much


 ( /// ´ิϖ´ิ/// ) here you go anon 
and thank you!

Do you think we can broadcast this?!