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wait what do you mean that i got the plot wrong


Someone please explain to me why Mayu has an average built body when he’s so damn lazy to even speak or move 3 steps

apparently he saves all his energy to play judo. I can’t tell if this is being hardcore or because he’s so lazy he’s limiting all his body functions to one thing


kuroko no basuke is the epitome of sports anime. and by that i mean


it has every trope in the book

Through a Thread of Lies, I Found You


Pairing: Tsukikane 

Genre: mentions of reincarnation, seriously written (lool)


"If I were reincarnated, of course I’d be by Kaneki-kun’s side!"

"Huh? If you were born into normal society, wouldn’t you be arrested?"

Through a series of strange conversations regarding reincarnation, Kaneki realizes that this is probably true. There is only one world where they can meet—and it is about to end.

A/N: Slight continuation to The Golden Tree

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The true title should be through a thread of lies, I found a piece of trash like you.

^ found this in my drafts. Feel like I should change the name

track name: チルドレンレコード -Piano arrange ver.-
artist: RiZer0
play count: 1885


Children Record | 【RiZer0
Illustration by しづ


I want to be taller but not for this reason




listen to ya mans